Rotary Shaft Seal silicone 110x130x12 MVQ AO/ TC Oil Seal Double Lip

110X130X12 MVQ


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Product description

110x130x12 MVQ TC

Rotary Shaft Seal with dust lip

110*130*12 MVQ TC Oil Seal Double Lip with a spring GRN®

MVQ (silicone rubber)

Silicone rubber shows good resistance to: aliphatic engine and transmission oils, brake fluids based on glycol, paraffin, animal and vegetable oils, water up to 100oC and diluted salt solutions. Silicone rubber is not resistant to: naphthenic and aromatic oils, fuels, chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, ethers, silicone oils, acids, alkalis and water vapor above 120oC.


Sealing ring with dust lip seal. Sealing with a spring.

Radial shaft seal. Radial seals of shafts and rotating spindles are made of rubber vulcanizates stiffened with a metal stiffening ring and a spiral tension spring. These gaskets ensure long-term sealing performance. Available with or without an outer dust-tight lip (single lip or double lip) for open groove installation to ISO 6194 and DIN 3760. Versions available without tension spring can be used as a wiper ring and for helical movement.

Product parameters

Code EAN5903641608909
Diameter in. (mm)110
Diameter out. (mm)130
Height (mm)12