Rotary Shaft Seal silicone 40x62x10 MVQ AO/ TC Oil Seal Double Lip

40X62X10 MVQ


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Product description

40x62x10 MVQ AO/ TC Rotary Shaft Seal

Shaft Seal with dust lip

40x62x10 MVQ Oil Seal Double Lip with a spring GRN®

MVQ (silicone rubber)

Silicone rubber shows good resistance to: aliphatic engine and transmission oils, brake fluids based on glycol, paraffin, animal and vegetable oils, water up to 100oC and diluted salt solutions. Silicone rubber is not resistant to: naphthenic and aromatic oils, fuels, chlorinated hydrocarbons, esters, ketones, ethers, silicone oils, acids, alkalis and water vapor above 120oC.

Product parameters

Code EAN5903641609098
Diameter in. (mm)40
Diameter out. (mm)62
Height (mm)10