Rotary Shaft Seal 80x115x12 TC FPM Oil Seal Double Lip

80X115X12 FPM


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Product description

Shaft Seal

80x115x12 FPM TC Oil Seal Double Lip

FPM (fluoride rubber)

80*115*12 Dichtring mit Staubschutzlippe

80*115*12 Shaft Seal with dust lip: AO, TC, RST, CC, BASL, WAS, DGS,


Fluoro rubber – FKM
FKM materials have conquered many applications in
which high thermal and / or chemical resistance is
required. FKM also has excellent resistance to ozone,
weathering and ageing. Very low gas permeability,
FKM is recommended for vacuum applications.
FKM has good resistance to:
mineral oil-based oils and greases
aliphatic hydrocarbons
aromatic hydrocarbons
chlorinated hydrocarbons
hydraulic fl uids HFD
vegetable and animal oils and fats
silicone oils and silicone greases
non-polar solvents
ozone, weathering, ageing, UV resistance
FKM is not resistant to:
glycol-based brake fl uids
polar solvents (e.g., acetone)
superheated steam (special grades)
hot water (special grades)
amines, alkalis (special grades)
low-molecular organic acids (e.g., acetic acid)
Application temperature range:
-15 to +200°C (short term +220°C)
down to -61°C and up to 260° C is realistic with special

Product parameters

Diameter in. (mm)80
Diameter out. (mm)115
Height (mm)12