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114-879 BTNG 2RS3S0 45x75x19 Deep groove ball bearing with seals

114-879 BTNG 2RS3S0


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Product description

114-879 BTNG 2RS3S0 45x75x19 Deep Groove Ball Bearing

High-Quality Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing with Seals

Product Code: 114-879-BTNG-2RS3S0

Material: High-grade Steel


  • Inner Diameter: 45 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 75 mm
  • Width: 19 mm

Description: The 114-879 BTNG 2RS3S0 45x75x19 Deep Groove Ball Bearing is a premium quality single row bearing designed for durability and reliability in various industrial applications. Made from high-grade steel, this bearing provides excellent wear resistance and high load-bearing capacity. The 2RS3S0 designation indicates that the bearing is equipped with seals on both sides, effectively protecting against contaminants and retaining lubrication, thereby extending the bearing's service life.

Key Features

  • Material: High-grade steel for superior durability and wear resistance
  • Dimensions: Inner Diameter 45 mm, Outer Diameter 75 mm, Width 19 mm
  • Type: Single row deep groove ball bearing with 2RS3S0 seals
  • Product Code: 114-879-BTNG-2RS3S0
  • Applications: Ideal for use in industrial machinery, automotive applications, and various mechanical equipment


  • Rotary shafts
  • Industrial machinery
  • Automotive applications
  • Gearboxes and transmissions


  • High resistance to oils and greases
  • Effective protection against dust and contaminants with 2RS3S0 seals
  • Long-lasting durability and reliability
  • Capable of high-speed operation
  • Low maintenance requirements


1. What materials are used in the 114-879 BTNG 2RS3S0 Deep Groove Ball Bearing? The bearing is made from high-grade steel, ensuring durability and high load-bearing capacity.

2. What are the dimensions of this bearing? The inner diameter is 45 mm, the outer diameter is 75 mm, and the width is 19 mm.

3. What are the advantages of the 2RS3S0 seals? The 2RS3S0 seals provide effective protection against contaminants and help retain lubrication, which extends the bearing's service life.

4. Is this bearing suitable for high-speed applications? Yes, the 114-879 BTNG 2RS3S0 bearing is designed to perform well in high-speed applications while maintaining low maintenance requirements.

5. What industrial applications can this bearing be used in? This bearing is ideal for use in rotary shafts, industrial machinery, automotive applications, gearboxes, and transmissions.


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Product parameters

Code EAN5903624101946
Diameter in. (mm)45
Diameter out. (mm)75
Height (mm)19