NBR TC 40x52/58x7,5 Rotary Shaft Seal



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Professional 40x52/58x7,5 NBR Wheel Hub Seal

Product Overview:

Discover the reliability and performance of our 40x52/58x7,5 NBR Wheel Hub Seal, designed to provide effective sealing for wheel hubs in various industrial and automotive applications. Made from high-quality NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), this seal ensures optimal protection against contaminants and maintains smooth operation.

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Key Features:

  • Material: Crafted from NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), known for its excellent chemical and thermal resistance.

  • Dimensions: 40x52/58x7,5 mm, offering versatile compatibility and easy installation in different wheel hub assemblies.

  • Type: Double-lip seal design for enhanced sealing performance and durability.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber)

  • Dimensions: 40x52/58x7,5 mm

  • Type: Wheel Hub Seal

  • Lip Type: Double Lip


Our 40x52/58x7,5 NBR Wheel Hub Seal is suitable for sealing wheel hubs in a wide range of industrial and automotive applications. It effectively prevents the ingress of contaminants and maintains the integrity of the wheel hub assembly for reliable performance.


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Product parameters

Code EAN5903641611855
Diameter in. (mm)40
Diameter out. (mm)52/58
Height (mm)7.5